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Support Policy

Support Period:

The support period for both single plugins and VIP membership for WPSMSPro lasts for 12 months, starting from the delivery of the software to the user.

During the support period, users are provided with support services on a 24-hour response time basis. This means that requests or questions sent by the user will be addressed as soon as possible within 24 hours, except on Saturdays and Sundays. In most cases, responses are provided within a few hours or even instantly.

After the initial 12-month support period expires, users have the option to purchase standard support for $49 per year or utilize free support methods (as described below).

Standard Support includes:

  1. Answering questions related to the use of the software.

  2. Providing instructions for general software configuration.

  3. Basic guidance for customization.

  4. Bug fixing in the software:

  5. Excluding cases where the issue is caused by code changes made by the user or problems with the user’s hosting company.

  6. Minor customizations:

    • This includes minor template modifications, such as replacing images on the front-end, changing site titles, and modifying front-end verbiage.
    • It also covers minor system configuration, such as configuring 1-3 products or adjusting system settings.

    Note: If the user modifies the software code, WPSMSPro does not assume any liability for the correct functioning of the system. Additionally, bug fixes and issue resolution for code changes are not included in the standard support and may require an additional fee.

Standard Support does not include:

  1. Software customization:

    • Functional modifications.
    • Development of new features.
    • Integration with third-party plugins.
    • Template modifications.
    • Modification of client-provided images (images will be used as provided without alterations).
    • Modifying site design/layout, including changes to colors, fonts, margins, borders, etc.
    • Backup creation.
    • User’s server configuration.
    • Fixing bugs caused by code changes or server configurations made by the user.
    • Resolving issues related to third-party software.
    • Setting or fixing plugins or features developed by the user or third party.
    • Teaching HTML, PHP, or other technologies beyond what is covered in the user manual and documentation available on the WPSMSPro website.
    • Configuring the user’s web or SMTP server, MySQL, network, or other server and hardware.

Standard Support Methods:

  1. Support Tickets (All customers):

    • Support tickets allow users to submit detailed support requests and monitor their status.
    • Only customers have access to support tickets.
  2. Email (Only VIP):

    • Presales questions can be sent via email.
    • VIP members have the privilege to send their questions and support requests via email or the contact form on the WPSMSPro website.
    • Emails from single-plugin customers will be forwarded to the forums.

Software Documentation:

  1. Online User Manual:

    • Provides detailed descriptions of general system concepts, admin panel components, configuration instructions, and tutorial tips.
  2. Documentations:

    • WPSMSPro’s knowledge base contains support articles and answers to frequently asked questions.
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